Venue required for a one day 8000-10000 people festival

We are seeking a venue for a one day festival (no camping) no further than one hour from London. The venue must be accessible by public transport. The capacity of the venue must be 8-10k for a one-day event. Ideally, we are looking for a main arena and multiple carparks surrounding this arena allowing various entry-exit points.

This will be an annual event so we are looking at establishing a solid working relationship with the venue.

A large aircraft hanger would fit the bill, they also have a benefit of excellent hard standing for parking.
Search for film location finder on Google or Bing and there’s a few sites to look at.

That’s a great idea. @splwil do you want the festival to take place inside, or outside with stages and marquees? Are you considering stadiums?

Hi all.

We are looking for an outside area, preferably farm land or common land


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The National Farmers Union could put you in touch with farmers

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Thanks Dewi

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There are also some online search platforms:

Or in terms of public spaces, somewhere like Stoke Park in Guildford could be a good option. It can host festivals for up to 20,000 attendees and is well located for London.