Venues for award ceremonies in London?


I am looking for a venue in London (preferably central London but not necessary) for an award ceremony.

150 people, Afternoon tea included.

Budget up to £800.


Hi @agniehalokaj! What’s the award ceremony for? Have you got any ideas/preferences around the style of venue?

HI @nick_lawson

It is award ceremony to celebrate ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

My client doesn’t have a specific requirements regarding the theme but the dress code is formal- dress to impress.

Nice cosy hotel would be nice as they may have enough facilities for this type of the event. Some 4 star hotels are charging twice our budget.


Most hotels will charge you twice or even three times to be honest, usually you are given the option to take out the room on room hire basis or ddr. Are you planning to organise food or does the budget include food?

Hi Vivian and thanks for the response.

My client hired a hotel this year and the price included the afternoon tea. They managed to get it within this budget.

Do you have any suggestions about venues that maybe own food will be permitted?


Hi Agnieszka, one my sponsors recommended this new place

I havent tried it but they used it and said the prices were reasonable and it looks like u maybe able to bring catering not sure, have a look and let me know pls how it goes

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I am going to contact them. Thanks a lot for your input.


Prince Philip House is a really nice looking venue and food selections but if you can’t bring in catering you’ll struggle with the budget as basic cream tea (just scones) is £7.50 a head. To be honest, I think the budget is unrealistic unless you find a sponsor.

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Hi Agnieszka,

Your event sound great… :slight_smile:

Back in Malaysia, we have done a similar award ceremony event for 100pax with MYR10,000 budget ( equals to around £1818).
Agree with @womeninthecity. The budget might be a abit limited.
However, if you manage this well, i am sure you would earn client’s confidence instantly :smiley:

Maybe you would like to consider outdoor space and small local catering service provider to support you on this. It could be a win-win for you, your new vendors and client. Just a suggestion.

@agniehalokaj I agree, perhaps you could hire a community hall, which tends to be cheaper and allows own catering, and then organise an afternoon tea separately. This website has some options for halls in London.

Another option is try a 4* hotel that is well connected to London in terms of public transport but not as central so cheaper, i.e. Croydon, Watford, St Albans, etc

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Agree! Maybe going with a more “blank canvas” venue and sourcing your own catering would be cheaper. I also think your event would sound very attractive to certain sponsors so worth exploring this optino

This venue is a really good find in central London, not sure of pricing & whether it would be in your suggested budget, but definitely worth further investigation.

@Deela06 Thanks a lot.

I think the client is aware of the limitations the budget brings. I made them aware. We were able to find a venue but the search is still on.

We will also be looking for sponsors.

Thank you very much for your advice.

@LouMurray thanks a lot. I will check it out.
It is worth contacting anyway as they may have availability for our other events.

Thanks Nick.

We are building packages for sponsors and I hope we will get some amazing ones on board.

@muonabena Thank you for this suggestion.

I previously looked at this website for other events but forgot about it this time round. Thank you for reminding me about it.[quote=“womeninthecity, post:8, topic:1358”]
To be honest, I think the budget is unrealistic unless you find a sponsor.
@womeninthecity I agree the budget is a bit tight. I spoke with the client and gave my feedback.

Thank you for reassurance.