Webinars to Capture Delegates

I’m planning on hosting a series of B2B conferences in the technology and politics spaces in 2017. As I have two very specific types of audiences, I wanted to know whether anyone has used webinars to effectively capture B2B delegates and whether it was a more effective channel for you than say telesales, paid social, PPC and more traditional content marketing.


Hi Lawrence,

I haven’t used this tactic in a while, so my knowledge may be a little outdated, but it used to work (I’m talking nearly 10 years ago now though).

However the data from our annual industry survey suggested it’s not very popular amongst organisers in general, with just 1% saying it was in the top 3 most effective marketing channels.

I guess the only real solution would be to try one and see how it goes when compared to those other channels you mentioned. At the end of the day you never know until you’ve tried it!


My thoughts on this are that you might find yourself working hard to market, promote and drive sign ups for the webinar, when these resources might be better used trying to just drive registrations for the event itself. Does this make sense?

I can echo Nick’s words. I’ve tried this a few years ago and we did have to work hard to market webinars.

One thought I’ve had since - is the market for those webinars the same as for the physical event? Looking back I’m not sure it was for me.