What are some great iPhone/Android apps?

Have you discovered any great apps recently that other event professionals might find useful? I’ve just downloaded VidLab to create promotional videos for social media on my phone. It’s really easy to use and you can add captions. It’s free but costs £1.99 to remove their logo.

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Top tip! I might try this out at AVEX next week.

Another great one I’ve recently discovered is Vivino. Whenever you taste a great wine you’d like to remember, you simply take a photo of the label on the bottle and it finds it for you. It tells you the average price and where you can buy it from and what other users have rated it. You can then rate it yourself and make tasting notes and save it to your personal wine cellar.

It gives you a break down of the wines you save - mine is mostly Spanish Rioja red. Top recommendation so far: Botani Moscatel Old Vines 2015 :yum:


Have a look at http://www.contentsamurai.com/ really good or the ditty app for the iphone.

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Wish I’d read your post earlier today. Had some great rose at a drinks reception earlier at the NEC and I’ve forgotten the name already :disappointed: May follow up with catering in the morning.

Actually, Content Samurai looks way better than VidLab, which is very basic. Thanks for the tip. I like the musical memes on Ditty, but I’ve had really problems using anything with music because of copyright- Facebook won’t even allow the copyright free music that you can put on iMovies.

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