What are the Best Lead Capture Tools?

Hi. I am responsible for running over 160 events a year for a corporate company in the scientific industry. Events ranging from large tradeshows, conferences to small internal seminars. These events take place all over EMEA plus South Africa and UAE. I am having more and more problems finding decent reliable lead capture systems that work with salesforce.com and wondered if anyone had any recommendations? Have used a number of badge scanners in the past and also a system called Leadature.


Hi Sara welcome!

Think @Sabeha_Mohamed might have some suggestions on this one

Hi @Sara -can I ask 2 clarifying question about how you use the data…

  1. what’s your goal for lead capturing? e.g. do you need it to track movement at an all day event or purely to capture 1 time attendance (e.g. entry)

  2. what’s the goal for uploading to salesforce? Do you use it to track who attended/did not show? or something more sophisticated like follow up marketing campaigns

I use a few different suppliers so might have some recommendations depending on how you use the data.

We have used a few systems at Event Tech Live, last year we used a company called Konuko which worked really well and this year we are trying Poken.

Hi Sabeha - we usually collect a large amount of data either on a paper lead form or using Leadature (where an event allows) as to get the info uploaded for SFDC we require things such as - market segment, product line interest, buying timeline etc. At the moment we can scan or take a snapshot of the business card or name tag but then need to write info on a paper sheet and reconcile after the event. In some cases Leadature works and then we use ipads with all the questions loaded.
Kind Regards, Sara

Thanks Adam - I will take a look. Finding something that works for all our event types is proving to be pretty challenging!

hi @Sam - we have similar need to get a large amount of qualification info. I confess… although v. old school I find nothing beats paper for getting the qualification information.

One way to simplify post event data upload process is to create a qualification form where sales only need to circle options (rather than write free text) you can then outsource data entry to sites like fiverr, odesk to get the info uploaded to excel/sfdc quickly post event. If you develop a rapport with the contractors you can generally book in ahead of time when you need the data added.

  • lead scanner companies I’d recommend - https://www.livebuzz.co.uk/ or https://www.boomset.com/ (integrates with sfdc)

  • Another out of the box idea is - we have in the past also contracted a developer to create a code that enables excel/google sheets to auto update sfdc (making uploading of lists easier)

hope that helps


HI Sabeha, We have developed a next generation solution for lead tracking at conferences/exhibitions that addresses the limitations many people experience in other solutions. The solution was initially developed for BT at their Innovation 2017 event but has now been developed as a template solution for the wider events industry- is there an email I can drop you some information?