What are the secrets to a successful hosted buyer programme?

I’m assisting a colleague to set up a hosted buyer programme for a trade event for the first time. I’ve been involved in HBPs before but not end to end so I would love any advice, hot tips and cautionary tales from anyone who has experience. We’re concentrating on getting a quality target list together at the moment. They will be senior people on the list so we really need to get create the right impression from the start and deliver the right kind of experience on the day.

Hi Melissa,
As an events journalist, the feedback I’ve often had from people on hosted buyer programmes is that they don’t like having to meet with suppliers that aren’t relevant just because they have a quota a meet. Organisers sometimes seem to put quantity of meetings over quality, so working with your participants to make the experiences as truly useful as possible would be a big plus point, I think.
Good luck!


Thanks Belinda. That’s really helpful!