What are your tips for crisis management?

The Liverpool International Horse Show team were forced to evacuate 4000 people from the event, cancel the rest of the show and de-rig this last weekend following the awful fire in a neighbouring car park. Fortunately there was no loss of life and I’ve heard via a colleague working there that the team did a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances. So, are there crisis management procedures in place for your event, what have you learnt if you’ve ever been involved in an event-related crisis and do you have any tips you care share with us on here?

In the largest event that I’m involved in organising we always plan for the worst. The event was street based so we planned for vehicle attacks by placing gate guardians at every entrance.

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Ah yes, staging events in an environment such as a street which you don’t completely own brings its own challenges. For those of us not involved on the front line so much, are gate guardians members of staff or specialist pieces of kit?

Our security team advised us to use vehicles. We used 2 cars and a 4x4 because concrete barriers act like bulldozer blades and vehicles on an angle should pull the suspect vehicle away to the side.

OK that’s interesting. Let’s hope you never have to test that theory out for real.

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I was just talking about this with my colleagues but having charging stations at events I think is always a great idea. Why is this? A charged phone means attendees can easily get in contact with any friends or family they went to the event with if they happen to get split up during an emergency or better yet, if someone sees something suspicious, because they have a charged cell phone, they can easily report it.

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I like your thinking here Ramon. So long as the charging stations aren’t starting a fire themselves, mobile phones can be a great help in these situations. As well as being able to contact people, we’ve seen lots of photo/video footage in the past few years which can help investigations and reunite people/property. With the car park fire at the Liverpool Horse Show people were having to sort emergency accommodation and care of the horses as well as alternative transport and calling their insurance companies so a charged phone would have been vital.


Exactly! In this day and age, cell phones play a vital role. Everyone has a cell phone (well pretty much everyone!)

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