What are your top tips for effective event team meetings?

After spending half an hour on a team conference call recently before anything I really needed to know/be consulted on came up, I concluded that it would have been better to agree a dial in time for discussing marketing. I was busy tapping away on my laptop throughout the call but it didn’t feel like the best use of our most precious resource, time. I’d love to hear how you all get the best out of team meetings, keep people on topic and keep things moving along.

I remember reading about a study that found although the average company meeting goes on for one hour 19 minutes, most people have tuned out after just 45 minutes!

One idea to beat this fatigue is to try keeping meetings to just 30 minutes - and set an egg timer as a visual reminder for everyone of the time limitations (although obviously, each participant would need to use their own stopwatch on a conference call).

As well as preventing the meeting from dragging on, the psychological effect of the timer is supposed to introduce an element of light ‘stress’, which can actually help meeting participants be more creative and effective.

Setting an agenda (and specifying how much time will be dedicated to each topic) also helps.

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Thanks @Belinda_Booker I think a good moderator is essential too & I know some companies hold meetings standing up which is supposed to aid focus. M

Interesting idea. I can definitely see why this would work

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Yes but I can’t hold a pen, a notepad and a cuppa at the same time and I think better if I’ve got tea to hand!