What aspect of your events do you find most challenging?

Hi there,

Those of you who run events,I’m looking for your help please…

Question for you: If you had loads of money to spend on your event (i.e. in an ideal world!) what aspect of your event would you love support/advice on? What are the problem areas in running your event? Is it training event staff? Finding event staff? Retaining repeat customers to your event? The registration process? Spreading the word through social media? I’d be interested to learn whatever it is…

I’m a qualified social media professional with a 15 year career in large international events and I’m looking to merge the two to find my business niche. I’m in the process of remoulding my business and looking at what niche in the events industry I want to focus on - conferences, exhibitions, networking events, awards, weddings, etc. My background is in large (100k+) international conferences and exhibitions in the tech industry with specific experience in registration and the customer experience (having also worked across many different types of smaller events ). I’m really keen to work with and support SMEs who need direct support in some capacity.

Do you have any other useful questions that may help me find my direction?

I hope this is ok to post… Thanks for your time, and any responses.

Hi Sally

Very interesting questions - and a difficult one!

I think the things people struggle with will vary massively from person to person dependent on everyone’s individual skills sets. For me, if i had a massive budget, I’d invest in an agency to help with event design and experience, in particular to really nail the little things at an event that really go the extra mile into delighting attendees and making them feel thought about.

However, from my experience, if there was one thing SMEs struggle with in the events space I would say that is lack of marketing skills and resources. Maybe a niche for you there?


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Thanks Nick. Maybe the question is too broad… :slight_smile: You’re right, everyone will have different skill sets and will therefore bring something different to their event.

And I’d agree. Interestingly, from the research I’ve done so far, and events I’ve attended recently, marketing the event is definitely something that I’ve noted that is lacking or not be tackled to it’s potential from those events. The events themselves have a great look and feel, but agree resource and possibly training could potentially help. Food for thought…

Appreciate your time in responding.


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No problem at all :slight_smile:

Glad that you’ve found that from your research too. Hope you don’t mind but I re titled your post to hopefully get a wider response!

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I would say finding quality and experienced event staff and volunteers.

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Great stuff. Thank you Nick. Much better title :wink:

Thanks for your response @DewiEirig. If you don’t mind me asking, where would you typically source staff for your events? Via an Agency? A bank of freelancers? Also, what would you say are the top qualities you look for with your event staff/volunteers?

For the largest event, in the past we got in touch with local groups and asked for help. This year we have a dedicated volunteer coordinator and we are also lucky this year that 2 large multi-national brands have a corporate responsibility program where staff volunteer to work with local organistations.

Hi Sally, you might be interested to know that Eventbrite’s 2018 Pulse Report showed event marketing and communication roles are the ones companies are most looking to fill currently. You could consider setting up an event marketing consultancy?