What do you call yourself?

Hi guys

We were having a discussion about whether ‘event organisers’ is the best term to collectively refer to everyone here.
I’d really like to hear what everyone thought on this so that we can change the tagline for EventTribe to something better.

My personal opinion is that it’s a bit of an awkward term, but does an ok job of including most people across different industries within events better than perhaps event manager or events professional does, but would love to hear everyones suggestions.

So my question to each of you is, what do you call yourself professionally?

I would prefer event professionals as I tend to think of events organisers as operational rather than including marketing but of course I am usually part of the organiser team. I always tell people EventTribe is the online forum for event professionals when they ask me what it’s about or I’m talking about what I do.

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#EventProf is the adopted term for us lot on Twitter


Slightly beyond your original question but thinking about the tagline and wondering whether we should look at reflecting the breadth of the community (in a succinct manner) and something which indicates that we are discussing the topics of the day i.e. give people a reason to sign up/participate rather than just saying what it is… in a “you’ve got to be part of this…” manner.

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I think Jack of all trades is what best describes me. Because of social media my work has blurred into event management, graphic design, video production, copy writing and business advice. All of those are all done in Welsh and English.

Think that’s a great idea Melissa

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We’re calling you “Eventpreneurs” here at Airfinity :sunglasses:


How about changing it to “the community for the event industry” or “the event industry community”?