What event app can event planners not live without?

Looking for really useful apps, particularly anything new that event planners swear by and make their jobs 1000x easier.


Although I use it mainly on desktop (there is an app too) I love Trello for project managing/organising my work life. It integrates with so many things and has so many uses. Mainly I use it pretty basically for tracking where I’m at with certain components of projects by moving cards laterally from To Do -> Doing -> Done

Good one for teams too


Trello is incredibly useful. And Google Docs is great for collaborative editing.
If you’re working abroad, XE currency converter and Google Translate are lifesavers. Google Translate even has a feature now where you can photograph a page of text and it will translate it. Genius!

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As an event app expert and event planner, these are 2 apps that literally helps me so much:

Socio Event App
This is a networking and guide app for events. So you can organize your event by putting your agenda, announcements, sponsors & exhibitors, attendee list, and literally anything else…

It also lets your attendees literally shake their phone to discover, network, and exchange info with fellow attendees. Not to mention there’s a chatroom system, social media wall.

I like this app because it lets me cut my printing cost completely from the budget and makes my job 1000X easier, my attendees love the fun, and my sponsors love the traffic it brings to them. Socio is new and looks nice. Overall, I think it’s a must-have!

This is a graphic designing app that lets event planners make amazing looking designs to post on social media. You can design from scratch, or just use their models, or both. After you’re done, it lets you download it in JPG, PNG, and PDF file types.

I use Canva for all my social media posts that need a graphic picture. Really nice and easy to use.
Here’s the link to Canva.

Really hope this helps! Let me know what you think :blush::grinning:

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Both excellent suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

Hi, interesting suggestions - I know Canva - well known and good but the Social Event App I don’t know - I will take a look.
Thanks for the suggestions

Getting organized and staying organized is my biggest thing, so I can’t live without project management tools. I personally use Asana but I’ve heard good things about Trello, which other people above have also mentioned.

Also, an organizational tool that’s new but is rapidly becoming a must have for me is EventOPS. It helps you organize all the back end details and logistics of your event in one place and with helpful dashboards and stuff. It’s really helpful.


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EventOPS looks really useful. @megankd could this help you with your event post-mortems? see the “Learn & Replicate” section.


These look very interesting going to check them out!

I prefer Trello. But if you got large team, Asana is quite better in maintaining the checklists and Team Management.

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Here’s a handy tool I’ve just come across for organising the office secret Santa! drawnames.com

Everybody receives an email to opt in and then they are allocated someone to buy a gift for. You can also help whoever ends up buying for you by listing your hobbies and interests. Better than simply picking names out of a hat!