What Event Design Software are you using?


I’m new to the forum and loving what I’ve seen so far!

I wonder if anyone can help me?

I’m looking for some event design software and don’t know which is best.

I’ve played around with Google Sketch up, and heard of WYSIWYG but are there any others that people use?

We work on a lot of corporate events, conferences, stage builds etc and would be great if we could design the set and be able to show the clients beforehand.

Any help or advice much appreciated!

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Hi Stephanie, welcome to the Tribe. Great to have you join us and thanks for posting this question. It’s not my field but @Adam_Parry do you know of anything?

You could try using Canva - you can design anything in that, and it has lots of in-built features, shapes etc you can create layouts with. Worth a looksie.


Thanks Richard. I’d forgotten about Canva.

Ripl is great for videos

Yeah it’s such a handy tool. I use it several times a week.

Although I’ve never created a floor plan in it, I’m sure it’d work no problem. With so much stuff in-built into the core free offering with lines/shapes/templates/grids etc, creating one from scratch would be easily done I reckon.

The caveat being it wouldn’t handle like 3D renders of eye-level ‘point of view’ type set designs, but if you meant birds-eye-view layouts etc then Canva is ideal for that.

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