What eventtech is particularly suitable for use in organising smaller events?

I was recently chatting with @JoeA on another thread re event tech and he mentioned that there are a lot of all-in-one eventtech solutions available to serve the big budget end of the market but less so for boutique agencies, SMEs, independent festivals, not-for-profit and academia event organisers. Cloud-based platforms are now enabling start ups to deliver software with more accessible pricing so it would be good to hear what members are using , what they’ve seen and what they recommend.

Perhaps some of our @Agency @Festivals @Charity @Student_Educational members could share their thoughts on this?


More of a tool than new tech, our startup is picking up steam with North American event promoters who are looking for a new way to get their graphic design work done. Being cloud-based as we are, creative quality from around the world is indeed accessible.


While I don’t want to be overly self-promotional, we just launched Printkick so I’d love some feedback from this perspective!

We’re an eCommerce platform to order personalised merchandise in smaller quantities (even from one unit!). It’s something we found is totally necessary, considering it’s often hard to figure out a budget and estimated pricing for giveaways and event swag. We’ve just created a “branded goody bags” section which allows you to build up a bag by pick n’ mixing different things and instantly seeing how much it would cost for everything.

I’ve also seen a company called Event Buddy (https://www.eventbuddy.co/eb/) a few years back which looked pretty cool but can’t vouch for the platform as I haven’t used it yet - maybe someone else from the community has done?

Hi Aman, can you tell us a bit about yourself please? How did you get started in events? What’s your biggest challenge at the moment?

Hi Melissa,

In my past life at EY and other companies, I ran events focusing on technology implementation alongside working with my old university (York). After that I decided to work with my family business and we came up with Printkick to help busy event organisers and businesses with their printed product needs :slight_smile:

I attend a ton of conferences, marketing shows, product related groups and seminars as part of my job so i’ve seen them done well and poorly.

A service I’ve used and recommended a few times is Sli.do which allows panels to receive questions in real time, and the pricing is pretty reasonable (free for a basic event!)


Ah yes, there are a few fans of Sli.do on here!