What has been everyone's biggest challenge this week?

Well done on making it to Friday!! As we head into the weekend I’d like to know what has been people’s biggest challenge this week. Mine has been getting a campaign up & running. Trying to get a week’s work done in two days. How about you?

Biggest challenge has been promoting a seminar we’re running in Birmingham in a couple of weeks. It’s a city we haven’t been to before so a lot of our usual marketing levers aren’t as effective. We rolled out some super targeted linkedin and facebook advertising earlier in the week which has been really effective, so we’re now looking strong on registrations :slight_smile:

Anyone got any learnings from trying out an event in a completely new city/area?

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Hi Nick,
glad to hear the seminar campaign is working well. I’m just about to run LinkedIn ads for the first time. Heard mixed reports so fingers crossed!

I worked on events in two new locations last year which brought their own challenges. One was in a heritage town with hardly any outdoor advertising opportunities available due to restrictions aimed at retaining the character of the area. I made friends with the tourist information centre & made time to go and see them. This paid dividends in that they put me in touch with some useful local contacts so I could utilise some promotional opportunities not generally available.

The other event I assisted with was out in the countryside which unfortunately experienced access problems caused by bad weather. Based in the South East I take easy internet access for granted but this proved to be a problem on site and hampered visitor communications on the day. So my recommendation to anyone organising an out of town event in the U.K. is leave a member of the marketing team behind with access to all communications channels & have a plan ready. In the event of a problem you can then at least get information out to anyone traveling to the event & manage communications from the organisers effectively. Even if the team can’t contact them they’ll soon see on social media if there’s a problem and can at least acknowledge it/look for solutions on behalf of the team.

Did a site-wide search for ‘Birmingham’ and stumbled across this post @nick_lawson !

I’m a Birmingham native, as it were; so at any point you’re running anything in the Midlands area feel free to let me know, and if you require assistance I’m sure I and my network can lend a hand.

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Thanks Richard appreciate it - we actually had good turnout in the end (phew). Will definitely let you know next I’m back up that way with an event

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Anytime @nick_lawson

Hi Richard, I’m working on a trade show at the NEC in September and would like to connect with the Birmingham business community - facilities managers, catering managers, health care providers and education authorities - do you have any pointers for them or any contacts you can put me in touch with please? Thanks in advance!
Cheers Melissa

Hi @MelissaJane

Sure no worries - if you connect with me on LinkedIn (link in my profile) I’ll write up a post with what you’re after & tag you in it, then I’m sure you’ll get some useful replies.

Are you after those types of industries as suppliers etc?

Feel free to drop me an email with more details on exactly what you need and I’ll do my best to help and spread the word across my various networks and colleagues. My email is: thevoice (at) richardheathcote.co.uk

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Thanks Richard. I will email you Monday when I’m back on that project. Have invited you to connect on LI in the meantime.

No problem, sounds good @MelissaJane