What is, in your opinion, the hardest thing to learn when creating an event planning business?

So I´m very new to this, I´m starting to host in my own seminars for my consulting practice, and i´m helping a client of mine with his event planning business, I´m actually really curious:

what is the hardest thing to learn when working as a professional event planner for clients?

A)How to generate new clients, advertising and growing your business?
B) How to actually plan the events and deliver your service, no matter the scenario
C)How to differentiate, and create a brand?
D)How to actually do the sale, in the moment of handling a client?
E) How to do it profitably?

F) Something else you can think of ( please share with the class what that is ! )

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Hi Stefano, the question we get asked most commonly on this forum is how to generate business. I believe developing a client base is the hardest part for newly established event organisers. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing for people starting businesses of any type, so it’s not exclusive to event planning.