What is this year's event merchandise must have?

I’m looking at event merchandise for an outdoor event I am working on with a families and 50+ demographic. We’re celebrating an anniversary this year so I think there might be a market for this. I’ve been approached by a promotional t-shirt company and am considering caps but wondering if there is something more ‘of the moment’ I should be looking at. Thoughts?

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Hey Melissa, is this merchandise that will be sold to attendees? I’d say steel water bottles is a good one, what with the general focus on reducing single use plastic.

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Hey Melissa,

What kind of event is it? I could recommend something a little closer to the theme.

You could check out some caps here. We always have a lot of success with travel mugs too!


I read recently that people (especially those of us born in the 70s and 80s) like items that bring us back to that simpler time when we were young. In a sense, we get a little envious that we didn’t have fidget spinners…what happened to those anyway?

What wasn’t mentioned in the article was actual items/merchandise for an event, but what immediately pops into my mind as something unique, simple, and some hands-on nostalgia is a simple jigsaw puzzle (with the company logo? picture of the event?). Maybe a max of 9 or 16 pieces.


I second good quality water bottles.

You could also explore
Sunscreen - (but this can be difficult with allergens)
Ponchos - always handy for unexpected rainy days
Storage poaches - invaluable for water activities/festivals etc

Really depends on the audience/theme/sector etc


Bum bags are back in - as are tie dye t-shirts!

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I’ve seen a few outdoor events that have their brand on lip balm and money tins.

I’ve collated a list of products which people have mentioned here, feel free to check if we’re cheaper than your current suppliers :slight_smile:


Yes, being sold and marking a 50 year anniversary. We’ve just announced a pledge to reduce SUPs and are inviting exhibitors to join us so there will definitely be no plastic gifting!!

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Actually the waterproof pouch for your phone might be good!

A boating festival

Thanks all. Really helpful!

Mugs!! Always mugs :slight_smile:

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