What kind of events do EventTribers work on? We have the answers

Hi guys

As we continue to improve EventTribe, we thought it would be important to learn a bit more about the awesome people on here so that we can build a community that worked for everyone. So last week I added a field to the sign up form that just asked people what kind of events they worked with:

In the 5/6 days this has been live we’ve had 71 people sign up (which is awesome in itself! :slight_smile:). Here’s the breakdown of how those 71 answered:

Other 16
Conferences 11
Networking 11
Classes 7
Show/Exhibition 6
Experiential/Brand Events 5
Music Festivals 4
Non events 4
Non Music Festivals 3
Music 2
Charity 1
Sports 1

So the top category was “other”… which meant that my form was rubbish as it’s not covering enough options at the moment! But aside from that we were strong in conferences and networking, and really nice mix of everthing else.

Anyway my point with this is, would this info be useful to people if i organised it into a regularly updated directory of which of our members worked in which industries/type of events? The aim here would be to help you all connect with each other more easily, find people you want to collaborate with and expand your networks. If you’re keen on having this just shout by commenting below and I’ll get it done! :slight_smile:

Also suggestions on types of events I can include in the form would be great!



I think “rubbish” is a bit strong! Maybe, "requires additional development?!"
A directory would be great and client, agency and freelance flags would be helpful.
Re other types of events:
Corporate events
Online events
Product launches
Team activities
Club events
Family events
Arts events
Student events
Public information events

Also thinking that if someone works for a venue they may be working all sorts of events so could people select all that apply?
Hope that helps & great news re all the newbies!

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The directory sounds like a great idea! :grinning:

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also keep in mind that people do sometimes cross over from one segment to another.

Good point! Ideally I would like to do a checkbox form but not possible

How about if you work for an event agency, are an in-house corporate planner, venue planner, freelancer, an event owner or an event supplier? So many variations!


OK here’s what I spent my last weekend doing…

(Only joking I did it today but took me a bit longer than I thought)

I’ve added most the suggested extra options to the sign up page, and I’ve also started working on version 1.0 of a directory. Having thought about this a while, I thought using the groups feature would be the easiest way for people to explore a directory of EventTribers.

So if you head here, you can now see the list of test groups I’ve made. You can click into each group to see the members (for some reason the homepage options appear at the top so you have to scroll down to see the members!):


I only added a few users to each group just to test the format, but as we grow it would good to have group leaders etc in each area.

Would love thoughts and feedback on what everyone wants this to be!

Good work Nick, that’s going to be really useful. Will we also get a group for people who work for venues or are suppliers?

Would it be possible for us to be able to tag a group in a post. So for example, if someone posted a question on conferencing could we tag the conference group so all members get alerted to the post and hopefully that then encourages people from that group to comment?

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@Belinda_Booker yep plan is to do groups for all different types of roles people have - I just started with the few I had data for, but the rest will be coming soon!

@MelissaJane yes you can! You just do it the same way that would mention a person, so @Networking has now notified everyone in the networking group (sorry for the false alert guys)


Oh brilliant! Thanks! M

Hello All,

Thanks, Nick for creating such a wonderful community!

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