What methods do you use to retain your loyal attendees and prevent people from slipping away from your events?

Hi everyone,

I’m building a customer analytics solution that helps organisers and promoters increase attendee loyalty & ticket sales. I’d like to pick peoples brains on the different ways organisers might already try to do this off and online.

How important is customer retention to you and what methods do you use to improve it?


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Hey Anthony, great question.

I think retention is massively important - as the saying goes it’s much easier/cheaper to retain a customer than acquire one. Having a loyal customer base that returns again and again to buy tickets is a really strong asset.

I guess beyond making sure the attendee experience at the event itself is great - and making people want to come back for more - communication (email, social, an online forum) is pretty important in the downtime between events to keep people engaged in your brand. Not that i think i’ve ever achieved this in a measurable way, but having a real community around your events who come back time and again and keep the discussion alive year round i think is an enviable goal for any event organiser.

On a more pragmatic level Facebook retargeting ads are a go to for bring back past attendees and website visitors etc.

This is all online stuff really but would be interested to hear people’s offline ways of doing this?

Can i ask what are the key data points you’re looking to build into the solution?

This response here might also be helpful:

We already have and allow users generate the following reports.

  • Most Engaged Attendees
  • Attendees Slipping Away
  • Lost Attendees
  • Top Purchasers
  • Attendee Purchase History
  • Ticket and Coupon Revenue Breakdown
  • New vs Returning Stats
  • Set Ticket, Attendee and Community Growth Goals

What we are building/built is a customer analytics solution that enables organisers to identity, reward and mobilise their loyal attendees & retain who’s lost or slipping away.

We’ve been working closely with Eventbrite to bring this to market. You can learn more about us here: www.eventninja.io.