What music licensing do you need for a Christmas Fair?

'Tis the season of festive fairs from church hall gatherings and fundraisers to largescale professional events. Many will be playing seasonal music either via cds/downloads or with live performances. So what licenses should organisers have? Perhaps our @Music and @Festivals members can advise?

Have a look at the PRS website https://www.prsformusic.com/

Thanks @DewiEirig Yes, I have but it talks about bespoke licenses and there are over 40 license types (which they are reviewing) but I can’t see any tariff. Not sure how many small scale organisers such as those running a festive event at their local community centre would wade through all that and I think having to call/email re a bespoke license is off-putting from the outset (even though it may be necessary for the PRS). Thought it might be useful to get some general advice on here for anyone finding themselves tasked with sorting this for their event/organisation. Is this something you’ve been involved in?

In the Christmas Fayre that I’m part of the sound and light contractors had their own PRS licence.

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