What one top tip would you give someone starting off in the events industry?

There’s no substitute for experience but we can all use a handy hint learnt along the way so what’s your one top tip?

Done is better than perfect.


Yes! Best efforts and get it out the door!


“If we create it people will come” ≠ reality

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Keep Calm and Carry On


Laughed and cried when I read this. Spent far too much blood, sweat and tears on a particular project because my employer spent millions believing the above to be the case. Unbelievable. We will have a beer and a chat about that fiasco one day!!

One thing I learnt early on in my events career was not to take things such as , project changes, budget cuts etc.personally - it’s hard when you’re so passionate about what you do - but it’s “just” business so you do indeed need to keep calm and carry on!

Which part of the above? Just getting something done rather than doing it well?

The build it and they will come post! Sorry it wasn’t clear!