What project management tools are you using?

I use Trello a bit for individual projects, but would be interested to hear what tools you are all using to project manage your events/projects?


I use Google Sheets, Evernote and Slack.

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The whole Google suite of apps are great especially for co working in teams. I’d be interested to know if anyone uses Asana?

I’ve not had much direct personal experience with it, but I know that Coschedule is very well regarded - to manage content marketing calendars and publishing schedules, particularly where there are multiple contributors.

Google Sheets is tough to beat for simple project management timelines - mainly because collaboration is sooooo easy and there’s never any version control challenges.

Asana looks very similar to Slack

We currently use Basecamp (well we did before I went on maternity and not heard otherwise!) I find it a great tool to get everyone on the same page. As a whole marketing team (or should I say ‘campaign team’ now) we have numerous projects going on and I find it so straightforward. I have just started using trello for my own personal ‘projects’ I.e. My son’s christening, house decorating and DIY plans etc. :laughing:

We use Teamwork. It’s really efficient and allows you to assign different team members different tasks. It can notify you via email and send you task reports. It also has useful time monitoring features, and a google chrome extension which allows you to save webpages to certain projects. Definitely one to check out: https://www.teamwork.com/


I use Asana and really like it. I’ve just signed up for Slack to see what it is like and am a bit overwhelmed so far, there’s so much in it and I find the interface a bit cluttered and confusing. I’ll feedback again in a few weeks!

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We are currently using Basecamp, mainly for scheduling and assigning tasks and deadlines. It works really well for this and I like the overall calendar views. I would be interested to hear some more thoughts on slack, I have heard mixed reviews, but it sounds like it could be great for instant team messaging etc!

We couldn’t do without Slack. Great for announcements, conversations, 1-1 messaging, integration with other tools fun.

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Slack is great, tell I am still getting the hang of it, but definitely useful. My best discovery so far is Calendly, saved me a huge amount of time, as I had a lot of interviews and meetings to go through.

I attended the Technology for Marketing conference a while back and found a company called Event Buddy - they are building out a specific event organising website.

Obviously what works for most people is generally preferred - the Google suite of apps is definitely great for collaboration!

They look quite interesting from their landing page but it’s a shame you can’t see more from their website without requesting a demo

I requested a demo anyway…

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let us know your feedback!

Just saw these guys pitch at confex and thought it looked right up this street:

Looks good for collaborating and sharing docs/resources with stakeholders

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I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone else mention SmartSheet. I love it for everything from simple project management to spreadsheets. It’s like Google Sheets on steroids!

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Have you tried Liveforce?
For scheduling & managing crew/frelancers

Looks good! What events have you used it for?

I used Asana in my old job and it worked well but there were only three of us in the events and used the free version.
My colleague took it to her new role and it worked well.
Definitely worth exploring.