What questions do you have about event video marketing?

I am running a blog for an event marketing and video production team, and I want to come up with some relevant topic ideas to write about. What questions do you have about marketing an event with video? Concerns?

Hey Brenna,

A problem we’ve had recently is doing it on a tight budget. We’ve been looking at cameras, mics etc for a promotional video, but getting good equipment looks tricky, and we don’t want to buy cheap equipment with rubbish output.

What are your thoughts on creating video content with a small budget?

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Second that! How to produce professional quality video on a budget

I think renting equipment can help with a tight budget. Sometimes, hiring freelancers can even be cheaper (and more effective) than trying to do the work DIY. The ROI of professional video production quality is worth it, in my opinion.

I’ve found the videos from the folks at Wistia to be a fantastic resource for this:


They also do events. Might be worth seeing the kinds of videos they use to promote events.