What to call a break?

Hi all, this is a slightly odd question. I’m designing the programme for our annual conference, I’ve got set breaks of half an hour for refreshments and then an hour for lunch. At one point the audience is split in half, I need to get one half back in the room for the next session so I was going to put a 5-10 minute break but not sure what to call if. ‘Movement time’ ‘Travel break/time’ ‘comfort break’ all sound a bit dodgy but I don’t want to just have a normal break as they will wonder off for coffee etc. Any ideas would be very welcome. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Ha ha “movement time” sounds like a euphemism for a “comfort break” :joy:

Maybe just list it as “transfer”/“transfer time”?

LOL yes ‘movement’ definitely sounds dodgy, I much prefer transfer time thank you !

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