What type of events are needed?

What type of events do all of you event professionals think are missing? or is there a sector within events you think can be done better, if so what do you think this is?

I’m working on events that the industry could benefit from at the moment and I’m curious if there’s an event you think should be around that isn’t! Indeed if there is one that needs improvement. It doesn’t necessarily have be for event professionals it could be for another consumer, I’m just interested in what you all think!

Hi Kiri, i guess this is a fairly broad question. Have you got any examples of possible events from your work so far?

Hello Nick!
One of the things being looked at is a convention for entertainment platforms, for corporate event professionals, where they attend and see the new entertainment trends/current ones. Providing them an opportunity to network and connect, making contacts and building relationships so entertainment businesses can thrive and consumers at corporate events can get access to the newest trends in entertainment at events as well as receive great quality entertainment.

This is an example of trying to build an event which is either not done currently/improving on a current concept - so really just looking at new event concepts. Hope that helps explain.

Hi Kiri!

I think that’s a great idea. Being an ex-performer and now an Events Manager, I would love the chance to attend such an event. It would be great to get all entertainment in one place where they can show off their talent to a number of people and not just one company who may not even use them!

At the moment I am looking for some good entertainment to add to my books and personally, it would be much easier to go to one place and see an array of performers / entertainers. It saves a lot of time and energy for Performers and Events Managers alike.

I would be interested to see how you would plan on putting it together? I mean, would you imagine it being one big stage showcase? or like a massive venue that can hold 3 stages with 3 different variety shows at various times throughout the day?