What venue/room booking software do you use?


I work for a non-profit multi venue organisation with lots of activity on 24h basis. We have been looking for a software clever enough to:

  1. Understand the multi-venue and multi function use of the spaces available.
  2. Be accessible for clients to check on availability of space (live) before they contact us.
  3. Have a back end/admin page where we could keep all function sheets, documents related to the bookings on a cloud so they can be edited/viewed from anywhere.

I know there are some fantastic softwares out there that do way more than just this *(i.e Artifax), however the organisation can not afford a software to that scale and therefore we are currently working off outlook calendars and lots of different spreadsheets. We have explored the ‘google doc.’ option but looking for something in between that and Artifax.

I would appreciate any suggestions or just to hear what everyone uses.

Thank you

Hey @Kyri great question. Look forward to reading responses

In many ways are you looking for something similar as this thread below, but from your perspective as a venue, not an organiser?

Hi @nick_lawson - thank you but no its not exactly the same topic!