What work-related challenges are keeping you awake at night?

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Just winding up on a major 18 month project and now need to find a new project (s) so that’s the main challenge currently. So far this year I’ve worked on car, buddhist and vending exhibitions and a healthcare app so wondering what’s up next in my diverse marketing adventure. Excited at the prospect but mindful that I need to keep paying the rent. Sure the universe will serve something up when it’s ready. Most of my work comes through existing contacts and I rarely know when or what that is going to be. Previously, it’s come through LinkedIn, former colleagues, agencies, Facebook and a contact of someone who worked with someone who was a former colleague of mine - so four people away from me and a chance conversation! Keeps life interesting anyway! I’m going to give fiver and freelancer a go and have a couple of contacts to follow up with too.

That is nerve wracking when you’re waiting for the next project to come along. I’d love to say I had a rainy day fund for that… but at least it makes you really motivated to go out and look for new opportunities. All my clients have come through my contacts - your network is everything when you’re a freelancer. I’m sure you’ll find something new to get your teeth into soon. Certainly sounds like an interesting mix you’ve had so far this year! What would be your ideal next project?

Managed to pick up some more writing work yesterday and start tomorrow! A friend’s client needs some copy for a new website and she hasn’t got time to write it all so that’s progress already. Really enjoy writing so really pleased. Difficult to know what my ideal next project is but something that brings new knowledge, contacts, etc. and builds on my existing skills/experience would be great.

Congrats! The universe didn’t take long at all :grin:

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Thanks. It’s not events-based but good sometimes to venture outside for a bit! I’ve been exploring the world of surveillance and private investigation :sunglasses:

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