Whats in a name? Parallel, Tracks, Breakouts, Stream?

A quick question to the group. We’ve been discussing language and how using the wrong term can immediately change a perception of a speakers value.

What do you use to narrate your multi faceted programme?

Parallel Session
Track (too American?)
Stream (too corporate?)
Breakouts (too ambiguous?)

What do you use and why?

Completely personal opinion but I like streams and breakouts :slight_smile:

Parallel seems to sit awkwardly with me when used in this context, haven’t heard of track before. I’d use spotlight for a standalone, single session part of the programme, whereas the others all (in my mind) refer to several sessions bound together by a common theme/subject.

I agree. I think “breakout session” is good for describing something away from the keynote and outside of the main auditorium.

Yeah ‘breakout session’ is commonly used at events I attend, so it’s a well known phrase in the UK I think, albeit adopted from Americanisms

We’re trying to move away from breakout - primarily as plenary speakers can be perceived as a higher impact, but in this situation, the ‘breakout’ sessions are probably more impactful!. I think we’ll go with Feature or Spotlights as each ‘breakout’ sits within its theme (hence track which I’ve seen used and used on larger scale events). Interested to hear more views/contributions!

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