What's the best piece of professional advice you've been given?

Early in my events career my boss suggested I learn to be less emotional about the job. I was outraged at the time because my marketing budget had just been halved and I had a big audience to find. I’ve always been really passionate about what I do but needed to understand that the budget cut was a business decision which I just needed to accept and do my best with what was left. It sounds obvious now but has helped me with on numerous occasions since including many more challenging budget decisions! So I’m keen to hear what advice others have been given which has helped them in their events careers.

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Something I was told when I was interning at charity events was to ask lots of questions. Sounds obvious but I think people tend to hold back for fear of looking silly or annoying and miss out on so much learning!

That and invest in comfortable shoes :wink:


Don’t get drunk on the job!


Good advice. I always feel like I should already know everything in a new role which is ridiculous and questions are the only way!

Wise words! I’ve worked with people who’ve stayed out drinking with the boss until 5am and been back on site by 9am - not recommending that and I certainly couldn’t that. I’m such a lightweight (and far too professional obviously!!)