What's the secret to effective floor planning?

Just read this interesting piece on @exhibitionnews http://exhibitionnews.uk/floorplanning-balancing-act/ & wondered if anyone on here had anything to add?

I would argue that the exhibitors should be more involved in creating content, that way they can connect with visitors in a potentially more useful way. While the 80/20 ratio is good for the organiser, it’s not necessarily best for the attendee - they’re coming for content, not to be sold to.

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Would agree but in my experience it’s often difficult to get exhibitors to do anything beyond sticking their products on the stand particularly for trade shows. I’d like to see a lot more creativity there which will pay dividends in engaging visitors. Perhaps creative content should be incentivised. I’ve worked on shows where the organiser has provided the space and the exhibitor has created a feature in it on a contra/part contra basis. I think many exhibitors would see the provision of content (and promotion of the show) as the responsibility of the organiser but they’re often better placed to deliver on both of those so the challenge is in getting them to see that.

Yes, I can see why they’d think it was the organiser’s job but wouldn’t an exhibitor get added value from joining a panel session or something like that? It would enhance their involvement.

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Exactly, it’s just convincing them of that!

In terms of being creative with exhibition stands, cost is probably one of the major barriers here? You can quickly get into the tens of thousands with exhbition stand design, which will put a lot of people off particularly given the growing pressure to show ROI from tradeshows. A couple of pull up banners and a table are the all to easy (and cost effective) fall back. Perhaps a gap in the market for a company that supplies creative and affordable stand designs?

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Creativity should definitely be affordable! I think some exhibitors are so tied up with their day-to-day business that stand content is a last minute panic to grab the standard popups and latest brochure even when they’ve invested a lot of money in stand space. I understand but it’s really frustrating and limits their exhibitor experience before the show has even opened.