Whats the shortest lead time that you have secured a sponsor

Hi all,

I had a very lively discussion with a colleague today about sponsorship. Whats the shortest lead time you have secured a (financial) sponsor? For me; it was 10 days before the event, for my colleague it was 2 days before! That’s got to be a record surely?

Would love to hear your success stories!


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Wow, sounds like your colleague was flying by the seat of his/her pants! The question is, what do you do if no sponsor is forthcoming? How do you decide when to give up hope and pull the plug on the event?

The determinant I want to believe has to be guided first by the magnitude/stature of ones event.I have fallen victim on this,with time staggered well over 3 months but with lots of influences e.g political atmosphere etc

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My advice & from lessons learnt, I want my sponsors to have firmed up with me in less than 45-60 days…I may be wrong

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Do you find that works with sponsors or that you spend a lot of time chasing and persuading?

One of the mistakes I used to make was to come up with a proposal and try to sell that to the perfect sponsor.

I had much more success going to relevant companies and asking them what their perfect sponsorship opportunity would look like. Then I would usually design a custom sponsorship for them.

Which made it much quicker to attract sponsors and really helped build productive relationships.


You’re so right - why spend time trying to figure out what sponsors want when you can just ask them!