What's the single must have element of your marketing campaign?

A bit like that question, “If your house was on fire, what one item would you save?” Marketeers are often faced with cuts to their budget and the task of culling some of their beautifully crafted marketing campaign. I’ve just had to cut some telemarketing and direct mail activity but insisted as far as I could that the digital campaign was left alone as it’s worked so well for me on other events. I know the choices vary by event and success usually results from a number drivers but I’m interested to hear what one thing others would keep and why.

Hi Melissa,

That’s really good question. I would say Branded Search Campaigns (especially if competitors are bidding on your brand terms) as they may steal your audience easily. Basically when you need to cut something from the marketing mix you start cutting from Top to middle of the funnel campaigns and keep on working only in the bottom of the funnel.

Hope this may be helpful.

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Great answer Alex. Love a Friday funnel! Thanks, Melissa

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