What's the weirdest event venue you've ever used or been to?

I went to a corporate event on the top floor of a multi-storey car park once and one inside a double decker bus. I do love a quirky venue. Has anyone else come across anything interesting?

I lived in Dubai for a while, and there are so many events there that the best ones really need to stand out somehow. Usually it’s an eyesore of opulence (an hors d’oeuvres table where EVERYTHING is covered in gold), but every now and then there are events that stand out because they don’t fit that “look at ME” reputation.

Some that stick out:

  • A pop-up tent in the desert for an LGBT dance party (not exactly legal, if you know how they’re treated in that part of the world)…there was a drag show, giraffes (!), and for some reason a silent disco section within the actual dance floor (where the DJ was playing )

  • a billiards tournament…on a boat. It was to advertise a luxury yacht company’s “stable flooring” (they had a name for it but I forget it now…and it didn’t work all that well for playing pool)

  • A teachers’ conference at the zoo. At no point did any of the speakers mention why it was at the zoo…nor did they make any reference to the animals or the surroundings.

  • You’ve probably heard the stories of expats leaving their luxury cars behind at the airport during the crash in 2008/09? Some of those cars are in a sort of outdoor “graveyard” that can be rented out for events. The cars are covered in dust, giving the entire place a pretty dystopic feel.

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What brilliant examples Sachin! The car graveyard sounds super quirky. Dubai certainly is a place of excess. I went on a fam there a few years back and will always remember the private suite in the Atlantis where you can lie in bed looking at sharks swimming past.

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I’d only ever been to Atlantis twice…once for a “Brunch” (anyone who has done a Friday brunch in Dubai will know why that’s in quotes), and another time for a concert. Never did get to go into the shark-tank hotel suite. I wonder if it would be big enough to hold some sort of private event there?

Also, I should mention that I only know of the car graveyard through a friend’s photographs (she was an event planner and went to something there). I’ve heard there are several, but there’s only one that is rentable…and it wouldn’t be wise to go there from April to October.

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I guess they’re probably the same as the brunches in Marbella that go on the entire day?!

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Exactly…and the food is just a kind of “decoration” attached to endless beverages :wink:

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