What's your lagniappe? (that little bit extra you do to delight your customers)

Y’all… I need to know something…

“Lagniappe” is a concept we have in New Orleans, which means “A little something extra for free.” An extra shot of bourbon, an extra scoop of fries, a free newspaper, etc. It’s a reflection of our city’s legacy of corruption, on an extremely small scale… sorta Corruption Lite. :wink: It’s simply a bonus that endears the customer or client to you, and gives them a delightful impression of their experience, at little expense to you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept recently, specifically for event planners, and how it amounts to “going the extra mile” or One Degree of Extra Effort. I’d like to write it up. My question to you is: does this exist in event planning/production? What have you done for your clients or attendees that was outside of the contracted scope, unexpected, and totally delightful?


I love that concept Julia (not sure how you pronounce it though :flushed:). It’s a little bit like the Norwegian term Hygge, which describes a particular type of warm, cosy and convivial environment - something else event planners might endeavour to offer!
I’m a journalist and copywriter and sometimes (when it’s relevant) I write about my clients on other platforms giving them unexpected coverage, which they love, naturally. It feels great to be able to give them a “little bit extra” especially when I really believe in what they do or think they’re lovely people.


Belinda, thank you for sharing “Hygge”–that’s an extremely noble principle and important for event planners for sure!

Unexpected coverage DEFINITELY qualifies as lagniappe. I love it. :smiley:

(and LOL, I should have included the pronunciation in the original post! It’s pronounced “LAN-yap”.)


Great post @juliasevin and I’m going to endeavour to build lagniappe into everything now! Generally I will give clients more time than I am billing them for and flexibility when I can such as taking calls on days I’m not officially working on their.project or after hours. Also at the end of the project I always offer some recommendations to take forward. Not sure if that qualifies as I just think of it as part of the project but I always try to finish a project with some positive suggestions on how the client can build on what we’ve achieved.


Hi, Melissa, I work the same way! I always try to give a little extra too: unbilled hours, or unexpected early delivery, or cool resources/additional deliverables when we’re done. Those are absolutely lagniappe! Maybe not as flashy as some other lagniappe, but I know it’s exactly what my clients need at that moment. Thanks for your input!