What's your Monday motivation?

I’m not a morning person & I’m definitely not a Monday morning person. I’m more on it at 1am than first thing and barely know my own name before 10am - one of the many reasons I mostly work from home these days. I do love my job but I’m definitely more alert and productive later in the day. This morning I took delivery of some lovely new clothes which really helped lift my mood. However, I can’t afford to do that every Monday morning so I’d like to know what everyone else does to get themselves motoring on a Monday. Music, munchies, chatting on forums…what’s your thing?

Music! I like to get some uplifting dance music on while I’m replying to emails. Also I work standing up a lot of the time, which helps me stay more alert. Loving your idea of having new clothes delivered though…

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Ah yes music is good. I sing a lot in my spare time - in a choir, opera & musical theatre productions - so I’m usually listening to what I’m learning! Please don’t blame me if you do the online shopping route and end up broke!!

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2 cups of strong coffee. And then another cup of coffee.

And then maybe just one more coffee, since it’s a Monday and all.


Fruits Breakfast + Tea or Coffee
30 min Cycling to my workplace
Good music in between

Repeat next 4 days;)


Ha!Ha! Rude not to Marino and as I’m currently doing some work with the coffee industry I would definitely encourage that!

impressive! I could never manage that much exercise first thing but I’m sure it sets you up for the day ahead!