Where can I get a good one off media list for the US?

I need to obtain a US media list for family, healthcare, women’s interest, seniors and travel media for a one off project but don’t want to pay huge annual agency subscription charges. Does anyone have any recommendations of suppliers of one off media lists or know any ways round the annual subscription? Most of clients have their own PR agencies who have access to this kind of information so I’m not looking to personally invest big time plus it’s a startup so the client doesn’t have much budget yet…but we still need to get the job done!

Hmm you might be able to find a relevant list on Twitter? I know I’ve been incorporated into various lists that people have compiled on there. It helps that you are looking for niche areas like healthcare. This list by Reuters is the kind of thing I mean: https://twitter.com/Reuters/lists/all-journos-list-1/members?lang=en


Thanks @Belinda_Booker - I’ll check it out

@sboppert may have some ideas on this

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Hi @MelissaJane,

Can you ping me at sboppert@eventbrite.com – think I can help you out.


Wow - thanks @sboppert - emailing you now!