Where is Best to List a Client's Venue

I’m creating a website for a client who is opening a new venue.
They will offer space for meetings and conferences (up to approx 200 people).
Just wondered where we should be advertising/listing them?

Also, are there any specific things we should mention on the website, which would aid venue hunters?

All help gratefully received.

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Hi Mike

Have used both Headbox and Hirespace to find venues before - both are good listing sites.

For me, I always want to know not just day rates, but hourly rates and about AV set ups.

Hope that helps

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Make sure that the venue is listed on Google and that the information is kept up to date https://business.google.com


Hi Mike, I’ve come across these sites recently:

In terms of what information to include I would mention the following (depending on the available word count):

  • your USPs - anything that’s special/different about your venue
  • catering information - do you have your own caterers and do clients have to use
  • transport/parking information
  • List item
  • availability of wifi and if there’s a cost attached
  • what support services are available/included, you have contacts for, those the client will need to source themselves
    Any big name clients who were happy with their experience and agree for you to name check them if that’s relevant for your venue
    Hope that helps!

Thanks Nick.
Headspace was a new one for my list.
Also the AV facilities are a good idea.

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Thanks Dewi! :slight_smile:

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Awesome - thanks Melissa
Great input - that’ll really help

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No worries. I’ve worked for a few venues so been there before. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

Hi Nick,

Thanks for recommending us, glad to hear you love HeadBox.

Mike if you still need a venue be sure to check out our amazing Spaces here: https://www.headbox.com/

You can also list your venues on Eventspacesny. It’s a plaform similar to Splacer, Peerspace and Eventactics. They have different gorgeous venues perfect for any events.