Which Event Management Training Course/Qualification Should I Take?

Hi Tribe!

I’m very lucky to have supportive directors (as I manage in-house events for a plc) and part of my personal development plan is to undertake a part-time training course or qualification in Events Management.

Please could you recommend some?? I’m looking for online/distance learning only.
Also, I’d like to get the best accreditation/s - so which professional bodies do you think are most respected in our industry? :medal:

Many thanks for any advice you can give :slight_smile:

Hi Julianne,
This is something I would be very interested in also, I will keep an eye on your post,
lets hope for some good responses



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The Institute of Event Management (IEM) has been established to provide professional recognition in line with National Occupational Standards, however lack of funding means it’s not quite off the ground yet. You can sign up at their website to be kept up to date with their progress: http://iem.institute/

I forgot to add that you should also consider joining the event association EVCOM, which runs various sessions where you can earn continuing professional development (CPD) points : http://www.evcom.org.uk/

Thanks Belinda, both are really helpful!

Do you (or any of the Tribe) happen to have experience of The Event Academy? I understand that their courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing but I’m not sure if that is as relevant or beneficial to me role as some other organisations.

Many thanks,

I’ve not come across them before, but I am familiar with a fair few of their trainers, who are respected industry figures. Looks like a good choice, especially as much of the training is available online. Go for it!

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