Who do you follow on Instagram for event inspiration?

I’m new to Instagram - who is worth following?

I’m relatively new to it too and not on there that much but I do follow these people: @colincowie @partyslate @mindyweiss @marcyblum @sacks_productions


Brilliant. That’ll get me started! I need to up my game too… only got a couple of pictures of my dog on there from about two years ago :flushed:

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On Instagram you can now folllow hashtags, here’s two you can follow


Oh great - thanks!

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WHOA. Game-changer.

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Whoever you willing to follow, there are always be commercial accounts and bots to mess you feedline on instagram. To prevent this try using https://zen-promo.com/like_bot_instagram

  • always a great help!
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In the end I contacted 8 event industry associations to ask for their recommendations of who to follow on Insta. The result is this - ‘Top 50 Instagram Accounts for Event Organisers’ it’s a lovely eBook you can download from Eventbrite. Check it out for oodles of inspiration!


Great work @Belinda_Booker !!