Why did you start your event?

I just mentioned in another post that I started my music festival because I was sick and tired of going to 20+ festivals a year and seeing so many failures. Poor management, bad stage time keeping, overpricing the food and drinks and generally just bad events.

I am not an expert but between myself and my 3 co-directors we have done alright. We have all been attending music festivals for 25+ years each and have seen the good the bad and the ugly so we decided to take the good from festivals, remove the bad and the ugly to make our own festival based on what we liked and hated elsewhere.

We only book traders that will agree prices in advance and those prices (food and drink I mean) must be kept extremely low. We post all menu’s for food and drink on our website 3-4 weeks in advance of the festival so people can plan their budget. It works for us and them.

We also plan our budgets in advance. We saved up for 2 years before putting on our first event so we were not relying on sponsors, traders, ticket sales etc and guaranteed that the first event would happen even if we didn’t sell a single ticket. That ethos gained us a lot of confidence from the public (we even showed them our venue hire payment receipts for the first one).

So I am asking everyone else…

What type of event do you run?
What made you start it?
What makes it unique?

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Love this post. Would be great to find out more about what motivates people to start events. I’m also curious if people give up their day jobs to do it or try to juggle both at first?