Working for yourself

This one goes out to all the event planners who work alone… Self employed, sole employee etc… How did you start? What steps did you take? Did you have previous experience?

I for one love the world of events. Getting people together for a good old knees up! Have I been naive and started too soon in the industry? Yes! I will be the first to admit that but, turning back is not an option. Seeking help and advice from people in the same position as me is what I need most.

What I am struggling with:

  • A solid structure, step by step process from start to finish (Having a client to getting paid)
  • Outsourcing third party vendors (AV, catering, venue hire, prop hire etc) How do I ensure the costs are covered? What process should I go through?
  • Contracts, paperwork, databases, privacy policy (Where did YOU start and how did you develop all of these factors?

Basically, I have ideas… I am networking and building up contacts but, my business model is vague. If I could have someone to guide me, be a mentor if you will, show me how they operate and what steps they go through… It would help me solidify my own structure of operation. At the moment, I’m a little all over the place.