Workshop Invites - best format for success?!

Hi. What format of invite do you find works best for small workshops (max 15 people)? Email, letter, postcard-style invite or other? I recently sent out a mix of letters and emails (including Eventbrite link) to over 200 people and only 6 attended. I would love to hear others’ experiences of what tends to get a good response! Thanks.

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Generally these days I would (budget permitting) send something printed and personalised. We all used to complain about junk mail filling our doormats but now we’re bombarded digitally every day I think print gives you more stand out. That said, I’d post, follow up with an email then call. Once they’ve registered I’d call them a couple of days before the event to check they’re coming, know where they’re going, how they’re going to get there, what time it starts/finishes etc. It can also be an opportunity to suggest they bring a colleague/friend if you’re looking to increase numbers/have had some drop out.

Melissa is right, make it as personal as possible. If you’ve only got 15 places, you could approach people saying you’ve selected them for one of the very limited spaces and could they let you know whether or not they want it? You can make them feel a bit special then, and like it’s important for them to respond.

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Thank you both, that is a big help.

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Don’t be afraid to test things out either. Print, emails, video even. You may also want to factor a text reminder into your comms plan.

Thanks! Is there a particular system (CRM or otherwise) that you would recommend for tracking all this activity?

I’m a bit old school and tend to use spreadsheets. @Belinda_Booker have you got any recommendations for this?

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Here are some CRM tools that integrate with Eventbrite, if that’s what you’re using?

More info on CRMs here:

Hope that helps!

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This is fantastic - thanks, Belinda!

Do you favour any of these yourself @Belinda_Booker?

I must confess I’m not a CRM user myself, however I do use Hubspot as a plugin in my email which enables me to track emails, which is great. I’ve also heard good things about Infusionsoft.