Would any charity like an event organised for them?

Hi, I’m an enthusiastic amateur who is keen to organise some small scale events for charity. I have some ideas as to what I would like to organise. If your charity would like someone to organise an event to raise money for you please let me know and I’ll get in touch ASAP.
Thank you and I really look forward to hearing from you.


Hey Tom,

From my experience of starting out in the Industry, your best option if wanting to organise a charity event is to get in touch with a charity you are passionate about.

They potential have an events team who can help advice you on the best way to set up an event that conforms with their guidelines. If they don’t have an events team, they may have material that can help you make your event more official.

Another option is to find something you are passionate about and organise an event relating to that on a small scale, raising money for your charity of choice. What I would do would may be different to you, but I would organise a charitable sporting event, gaming event or even a garden parties in a local park.

Just make sure before you do anything that you get advice from the corresponding charity or local government (If doing something outside). Also make sure that what you are doing is in line with what the charity is trying to achieve.

Hope this advice helps?

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Thanks, yes that’s useful. I’ll approach some charities directly with my ideas. I’m the meantime if any charity reads this please do get in touch!
Thanks again

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Hi Tom,

I have been involved with a charity called GETA (Give Education to All) which raises money for a school in Uganda for a few years. We have run a few small events at the local church, but we’re rapidly running out of ideas. If you have any suggestions or can offer any help, it would be gratefully received. www.geta.org.uk.



Hi Roisin, actually I am just organising an event for another charity. I have worked in Uganda sonid love to help if I can. The event is a bit quirky and may not suit, but I’ll give you the details so you can decide if you like it! Drop me an email on tomellis1989@outlook.com and I’ll follow up immediately. Many thanks

Thanks Tom, sounds great I have sent you an email :slight_smile: