Your Event Designer

What does loyalty mean to you as a promoter?

Let’s say you’ve been working with a graphic designer for several years. Her work is always on time, and while not perfect, it’s still excellent and gets people to your event. You like your designer’s creative mind, and during mutual downtime you socialize with each other. Then someone better comes along (for less money), is it easy for you to let go?

Or, you learn so much from your designer that you feel like you can go it alone…and you do. And (to your surprise) it’s exactly what you were looking for, because you designed your flyer yourself.

I’m sure there’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this…but would love to know your thoughts.

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Hi Sachin, interesting post. In my experience it really depends on the client, the event and the designer. I personally prefer to work with one designer who I know and trust and who trusts me to brief them properly and give constructive feedback. A poor brief = poor work back. As a freelancer sometimes I get told which designer(s) to use and some clients prefer to have a roster of designers to keep fresh ideas flowing.

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The brief is indeed everything when it comes to proper event design, for sure. I’ve had designers write back to me asking me to decode what promoters are actually looking for when they say “a modern traditional, but cool” design.

A really good designer can work within his/her “visual voice,” and give the promoters what they’re looking for, but the great ones feed back the feedback with open ended questions like “What do you think of when you’re planning your event?” or “Who’s the target market?” instead of just “How do want this to look/feel?”

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